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Unless you’re living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard all the buzz following MI the ‘young denzel’ who created loaded conversations on the internet via his twitter account as per the 3rd installment of his mixtape, illegal music 3- the finale.

Aside from obvious growth(no, not in height) in wisdom of the ‘rap god’ here are 5 things I learnt, and I feel MI was trying to communicate;

Use monologues if you want to sound deep;

The use of monologues as bridge has been made popular by the new hip-hop ‘wavvy’ movement. MI rummaged  youtube enough to get a hold of not so popular interviews of greats, from Mike Tyson to Jayz’s interview with Angie Martinez. Many rappers, including  his own brother Jesse Jagz(in Louis, using rants from the movie ‘Network’); Wale(with Jerry Seinfield, in album about nothing) and recently Anderson .Paak have included these kind of monologues in their works to give it a much more deep, more personal feeling to drive home their  thesis. ‘All fall down‘ the track featuring POE is both introspective and motivating- for anybody afraid to fail while reaching for greatness. In there, you can hear Mike Tyson talk about how he has experienced high level of success and great disappointment. And MI closes with an enigmatic statement “gravity is not a superstition”.

Sampling is still the heart of Illegal Music;

If you’re familiar with the previous mixtapes from this collection, you’ll recall how so many instrumentals were sampled ingenuously. This one is not different in that regard. He sampled beats from Jayz a lot, Beyonce’s ‘formation’ for his track ‘black bill gates‘ and YEezy’s ‘never let me down’. He also re visited the popular list published by Notjust ok in ‘Notjust ok/savage’ (in a corny sponsored ad fashion) which he did in a cover version of burna’s ‘Soke’.

Listen to the IM3

He want’s to be compared to HOVA;

Well he hasn’t taken a pop star wife like JayZ (Yemi Alade is single though); he hasn’t till date  up to 11 platinum albums(although this mixtape was downloaded 200k times on the first day of release) neither does he own a music streaming platform(read: TIDAL). He however made it clear in the song ‘head of the family‘ where he sampled instrumental and back-up vocals from Jay’s ‘La Familiar’,  that like Jay is to ROC nation , he is the head of the choc city family; he has made a star out of Ice Prince, Victoria Kimani and a host of others, plus he knows his business.

MI doesn’t want to be boxed in ‘indigenous rappers’; 

On a leveled playing field, MI is better lyrically compared to many acclaimed international rap stars. The limiting factor is the seeming glass ceiling that prevents him from getting Grammy nod. He wants to level the playing field, before now, its be known that he has shunned the industry standard. As he rhymed in ‘Numbers’ to not ‘compare him to these artists, they giving you cheap garbage’, plus no one even comes close if you judge him by ‘these’ garbage.

In the end good music still sells, regardless of the genre;

Contrary to many Nigerians beliefs- notable among them is the famous 2014 tweet from don jazzy that purports, if you’re a Hip-Hop act in Nigeria, your parents can’t be proud. MI has refuted that claim and has yet created a viable business for himself and his team using literally, a mic and a beat box, ‘hip-hop is as viable as pop I made them say’ he rhymes in ‘remember me‘. The key he explains in the track ‘the finale’  is very good content. In the popular Martin Luther’s speech-which he inserted in the song- set out to be the best of at what you do. And for this, people would remember him.


Illegal Music III- MI Releases Tracklist

He announced the completion of the 3rd installment of the mix-tape series, Illegal Music(IM) via his twitter account and has whet the appetite of fans with the first single Everything off the anticipated mix-tape, where he revealed the emotional state he’s been after everything he’s learnt so far. It’s very philosophical.

On Wednesday MI Abaga  shared a screen shot of what would be the final track-list IM III- and its 10 tracks long.

KKK? No one seems to understand the note here.

The mix-tape has garnered this much follower-ship because of the level of creativity he injects into these projects, its sort of the place where he lets loose and say everything he couldn’t in a regular commercial album.

We can only wait the actual release of this project.

Woss-Wobi! Now That Everyone Is Looking

His ad-lib goes with a hiss followed by WosS-Wobi in quick succession- calling out to a person/various people intensely. Not a courteous way, but it catches your attention- he’s not selling himself as a refined man. A Lagos Uni grad, who, I previously (from the chart topping Indomie with Olamide)  felt has a style that is very energetic and refreshing but doubt will keep people entertained for too long. One single after the other and scoring various features with Dj Xclusive, the new kid is now straight balling. 

The new track ‘nowo e soke‘ (raise your hands) featuring wizkid is now an anthem in many night clubs’ dance floor.  Wizkid knew he had to do a better street jam as davido ft Olamide ‘Money’,  so he jumped at the offer to feature on the track with CDQ.

He has a preferred producer. I mean, sunny nweke/masterkraft is a ubiquitous part of his verses.  And together they’re affirming that the streets has really taken over.



After a long ‘hayetus’ hiatus as rightly stated by Falz on a skit – the follow up of the first album is what so many of his fans craved. While he had their empathy, they never cease to ask for his sophomore album, even though he constantly released singles. Wande Coal at his album release conference, said “everywhere I went to even though I dropped single ‘everyday’ people were just saying where are you? we need your album. That’s what the album is titled wanted… because the singles were not enough“. Without a doubt, his first project left that impression; for his fans, singles weren’t just enough.’Wanted‘ the track which was adopted as the album’s title was produced by major bangz, Wande is full of confidence, ‘won waa mi nii igboro, dey feel me in the ghetto and overseas‘ his lyrics is fraught with his bravado. Wande was probably not  contented with what major bangz made of this track as the album featured ‘wanted rmx‘ ft burna boy and production this time was done by beats by sarz, who took the beat and added a ragga feel to the song. The album opener is a melodious thanksgiving song, Adura.

The absence of Don Jazzy and the super mavin crew- although not missed, is immediately apparent, and when quizzed about this, he says “8 producers on this album, unfortunately don jazzy is not one of them, I had to start all over again to get new songs with new producers.” Maleek berry is the most prominent producer on the album on basis of number of songs he produced, including ‘we ball‘ of course about how much of a baller he is, ’jelly’ for the belly dancers, ‘weekend‘,  ‘African lady’ lowkey‘ a galala/ragga fusion, ‘my way‘,  ‘kpono‘ ft wizkid which wasn’t as much a worthwhile collab as legendury beatz produced ‘make you mine‘ ft 2face- who by a mile put up the stiffest challenge as the best guest performer.

As much as he enjoys love from his fans, Wande is aware there are still haters; in ‘monster’ he demonstrated how the ‘hate’ don’t bother him. His staunch fans and haters alike will not deny his vocal dexterity in ‘Super woman’, the best RnB track on the album, absolutely! “Casually, super woman I’ll love you casually” while sugar coating super woman in his sweet hummingbird voice, he managed to make ‘casual love’ romantic, ironically.

Still not able to understand why artists feel the compulsion to populate an album with exorbitant amount of songs, excluding 4 skits and 2bounses the album is a 17 tracker; I’ve always felt that the propensity to release junks is directly proportional to the number of tracks released. Though we have songs that  pre-dates the album release; ‘baby hello’ ‘amorawa’ ft burna boy and ‘my way’ both of which featured as bonuses and of course the lead single for the album ‘ashimakpeyin’,  but don’t see why ‘same shit’ ft AKA should be included, it’s not only stale, it ‘lacks’ luster.

Now that the jinx is broken after so much back and forth that made his career seem somewhat bleak, I think with the release he will feel a lot at ease, cos honestly this seems to me as a kinda ‘let me be’  effort that almost comes off edgy.  Maybe now, we can look forward to the growth of BLACK DIAMOND.

Wizkid Drops ‘Expensive Shit’ Today- Review


Star boy boss, Wizkid has finally dropped his much anticipated single titled ‘Expensive Shit‘ today. Wizkid has been making rounds all over the socio-media sphere, as he announced the title of his next single ‘Expensive shit’.The title is thought to have been inspired by the afrobeats pioneer, Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s 12th full length album. The  up-tempo cut is produced by Sarz and arrives ahead of his Chris Brown collaborative track, “African Bad Girl”. Sarz laid out a perfect afrobeat instrumentation.

Anticipate the video for the song, already been shot in South Africa by Sesan.


I couldn’t agree more with the article- paradigm shift by No BS as per rap scene in the industry of ours (jesse jags thinks we delude ourselves to ever call what we have an industry) disagree?  feel free-that’s a discuss for another day. As for the shift, it’s clear to see that the consumers have woken up to the content they really wanted, the unprecedented followership of Nigerian music alone is enough indicator of who’s king in the game (not king as in King James or King Kong) I mean king as per who’s winning-as reminisce rightly said in his recent single, local rappers; awon fans ti  jara won, won ti bo pampers, a track that featured Olamide another Yoruba spitting ‘rapper’ and then there’s the ingenuity of phyno, yes its hard already to speak Igbo as a language, but doing 16bars in just plain Ibo(well some English words are always embedded, not avoidable if you understand that some words don’t have Igbo translation like Lice, I mean rice) I must add here that though Olamide sometimes have his stellar moments it’s not the case this time around. But he doesn’t have to cry on this account cos even the author of the track himself wasn’t at his best, very weak flows when you compare to a similar track in his Alaga Ibile album- Government which also featured Olamide.

BREAKING NEWS- the Video for Eau De Vile-Dance Go has just dropped while I wrote this piece. Madam Adetiba did yet another wonderful montage. I was expecting a normal dance club video with a lot of nudity, but was pleasantly surprised by the story based and dramatic rendering of wizzy and 2face with a sleeping beauty that got woken by a single drop the masterfully blended cognac. Oh! the power of Hennie


Back to the discussion at hand, yes! The paradigm shift. There would be no shift if there never was a status quo. The rappers mentioned in the article including Eedris Abdlkareem, Mode 9 etc provided a launch pad for all these new generation rappers and the new gen rappers in turn are obliged to forever pay homage to these ‘intelligentsia’.  What however makes me loose it, is the fact that these veterans be telling the new gen they aren’t doing hip hop right (please reserve this advice for Ice prince zamani), speaking of which, I read somewhere MI had something to say as per NoBs’ take on his bro’s mixtape the trash can. Well Mr Abaga, let’s call a spade a spade, or more suitable in this case, let’s call a dustbin a garbage bin or ‘ile le’ as Yorubas say, because calling that mixtape a ‘trash can’ is derogatory to ‘trash cans’ hope I haven’t lost you? Alright then enough of the ‘trashy’ banta. A twip twitted that Don Jazzy has proved my article wrong- ‘Don Jazzy and his huge mavin gamble’ saying that he has started reaping the benefits of his newly signed artists. Collectively, well I won’t argue that the don is winning, and I never said he couldn’t pull it off, I just pointed out to him that it would be arduous. Ok yes, they have hits dorobucci and ada obi, but individually, you can hardly call di’ja or korede bello or banks successful solo artists, yet. This my friend, was the point I tried to drive home with that article.^ See you later guys, till I write again. Meanwhile you could follow me on twitter @shiznnitz if you care to read my ramblings on the inexistent industry as Jesse Jags pointed out.

Album Review-AYO(Wizkid)

Wizkid-newalbumart-tooXclusive (1)

It is no news that 6 (out of total 18 tracks and a bonus) had been jamming on the radio, available for download several months prior to the eventual release of the album. The one we were misled to believe would be titled CHOSEN!

Doing all but forgiving bad PR- listened to, discussed the album and read how it came to be.  I’ve read my TL. And boy, do people have an opinion? I’ve realized that this fella’s album sort of grow on you. It’s now a full month since the album dropped, chances are you heard some, perhaps all tracks there-in. Let’s take a dive in;

From the artwork, one can immediately decipher the creative direction Wizzy takes on his sophomore album, AYO. He employs more cultural contents-the album is fraught with the Yoruba language, but not in an undesirable way rather it hints at some maturity in his style. He has fully morphed from the teenager singing ‘holla at your boy‘. While the album is a predominantly afro-pop one, some Juju, high life, reggae elements was sampled. Working with eclectic collection of producers; it’s apparent that Maleek berry-his label mate and producer-didn’t contribute much to the album. Legendury, shizzi, Del b and Uhuru all had a nice time out with the star-boy.

So lets quickly do a rundown of tracks on the album(plugging in your earphones wouldn’t be a bad idea at this point)

Mummy mi

There’s no much to say, the song, is not short of a praise and worship song for a deity that is mothers. Well that’s to people that regard their mother’s as such. This would definitely endear wizkid to the older folks.


Perhaps my favorite of all, a sort of fusion between afro-beat and high life. The title of the song couldn’t be more apt for the feeling the song inspires; he’s living the good life and he wants to celebrate.

Kind Love

Wizkid explores sounds tending towards high life in this one. Del B is fast becoming a maestro in this line of instrumentals. Kcee Limpopo wouldn’t have been out of place in this one, as a matter of fact, the limpopo dance will be a lovely step to this.

One question

Majorly high life sounds, Wizkid drops his braggadocio persona and puts on a more humble cloak. With Yemi sax on the song, you know the horns are blaring.

For you ft Akon

Uhuru dearly deserves commendation for this song, even though he mimicked his instrumental on Tchelete. Wizkid employs the vocal prowess of Akon who in turn killed it, the song is full of lustful and sexually suggestive lyrics- we need to bring IK (back when he was the wildchild) to help understand the iron pipes Akon referred to as iron-kon.

In Love ft Seyi Shay

‘Everyday am falling in love with you, falling for you boy’. In love is a classic boy-girl duet, the kind that never go wrong when a talented vocalist like Miss Shay is in the mix. If one didn’t listen carefully, one might believe Seyi Shay was ASA.

In my bed

This is a definite club banger, why? Uhuru did the instrumental. After the beat reaches a crescendo, it pauses as wizkid did the bridge ‘I want your body sleeping in my bed’ while sugar coating the bed with his sweet humming bird voice making it to sound like ‘beed’. The beat kicks back to life, and the song suddenly transforms to some sort of fuji music. He mentioned names and backed it up with ‘eleniyan’ (notable person). The transition was too abrupt- like the coarse rhythm typical of the fuji genre, which was ok I guess.


This to me is the highest point of the album and Ayo Balogun will be remembered for this piece. Adopting the title of the song from a popular and somewhat notorious neighborhood in Lagos, this is an indication of how matured his music can get. A rich afro-beat instrumentation accentuated by talking drum. In one word, classic.

Dutty whine

Ladies that have mastered the art of twerking would be grateful for this Star boy, EME collaboration (Banky appears for the last time as his boss) and he (Banky W) shows who the boss is, switching from rap to reggae in 1 verse, he rubs it in your face “so much style dem think say I be boy band”.

Murder ft wale

He had released a snippet of this song months ago.  It’s the 3rd time he’s featured wale, the other 2 however didn’t make the album. It’s bland.


Another love song, with instrumentals that I reckon is kind of late Brenda Fassi-esque. The bass guitar strings were struck quiet impressively by Legedury beats.

Show you the money ft tyga

A remake of the original song on the asphalts of Shitta.

All in all, I think the album is a fairly good listen. A more matured and reinvigorated music.