I guess all those people that know him on a personal level weren’t just dick-ridding when they say Olamide is the hardest working man in Afro-Pop, at least the frequency of his album suggests that.  A 5th studio album, means 5 in 5 years, if you haven’t figured out the average by now, it’s once every year. Devastating!

EyanmayWeather, a person of Mayweather’s persona- the boxing champ, the unrepentant braggart. Intended or not, the title suggests a rhetoric pun-stylized on the album cover as EYAN-MAYWE-ATHER. Blocking out the letters in bold, EYANATHER presents another phrase in Yoruba Eyan-naa-da, ‘where’s that person’, begging any rapper to challenge his claim to the ‘throne’, asking such rapper to shut down a couple of arenas in different countries before coming at him. He reiterates this in Where the man, as he alternates between British accented patois ‘I shut down Island shut down mainland’ and his typical yoru-english rap.

Fans who prefer Olamide the rapper and criticize him for singing more than he raps lately, may be pacified by rap tracks like; Igara chicken, an euphemism for arrogance and the Pheelz produced Jega, peppered with the trademark Dre piano percussion as Olamide delivered laid back rap verses, inducing a calm demeanor typical of the immediate past electoral chairman.

He resumed bragging some more in Ball. Boom boom boom is a weak a** song, immature sounds with high school lyrics, my guess is, Kesh did some ghost writing. Kana final, be happy are at best  mixtape materials and OG waheedee sounded like he was doing freestyle on a hip hop radio show.

Pheelz the Mr producer had a lot influence on this album, producing all but 5 of the total 21 songs- he’s the in house producer.  He did a terrific job creating an afro-pop-fuji fusion in don’t stop, and when Olamide sings ‘shake it-baby don’t break it—it took your mama 9months to make it’ he creates a sort of, how do I put it, ‘owambe persuasion’.  Arara and I’m ok he basically preached hedonism and encourages people to see the beauty in life, in music. He admonishes in Inferiority complex to face your fears, to ‘gbe na woju oloro’, classic afrobeat.

Olamide reminisces on his humble background, and praises his mother for being strong and supportive in Mama Mi. We get that Olamide loves his child, I don’t think he needed to dedicate a whole track Toriomo to eulogize, I mean he can totally do what he wants, but selling that in an album?

He teams up with his erstwhile producer, ID Cabassa in sold out, an Igbo highlife beat that you could already imagine how cooler it’ll sound with Don Jazzy in it, too bad Olamide is in his Mayweather swag on the album, solo. Say something is another pointless song, he probably got confused halfway and decided to make a gyration for the Super Eagles.

I suppose I don’t have to like all his work, but I appreciate the hustle. However, I think maybe he would have done exponentially better if he afforded himself a bit more time, weed out some unnecessary tracks or improved on them.

I have a calendar hanging on the wall of my room, I need his albums to entertain and provoke me not signal the end of the last quarter every year.



  1. Once again, am lost for words…epic writing and your command of english is damn!. Dont go eyan mayweather on me but every new post supercedes my imaginations!!

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