Dbanj’s Sexual Proclivities

A photo of d’banj appearing to be getting his ‘willie’ sucked by a female fan (who like most female fans, is irrepressibly in love with him) while he performed on stage, went viral on the internet just last week. So many people had differing opinions on the Nigerian afro-pop star’s moral uprightness.

And here’s mine-

For someone who found breakthrough in the music industry by selling himself as a sex icon, D’banj and former partner Don Jazzy saw a void to be filled in the industry and built a brand that would fit in perfectly.

‘Hey Dapo, no offence, you know you don’t have much of a talent as a singer, let’s make you look like a midnight cowboy then you can stand a chance’ said Don Jazzy <this quote is ‘Fugazi’>

The result of this project is D’banj becoming a super-duper-mega star in just 2years.

Does anyone remember his first single to be played on TV/Radio? Tongolo. Many would doubt how a song with a title that has no apparent meaning  in any language ever known to man be the breakthrough for an artist. If you’ve ever thought of this, then you’re not alone.

Since sex was a taboo for public discussion in almost every tribe in Nigeria (a country where everybody endeavors to play their part in ‘feigning’ moral uprightness) D’banj had to come up with a grand plan to sing about it and not get chastised for it, hence TONGOLO.

 ‘When you see any woman wey you like you tell am omoge wa je ka tongolo

The word itself is void, carries no meaning, but he ascribed a meaning to it, rather subtly. The lyrics of the song made several allusions to sex and erotic acts, but hey, no sexual word was used. I mean who would ever think the ‘KOKO’ meant anything other than the KOKO-even though whenever it’s mentioned, he assumes a position with his fist (what was later trademarked as the koko fist) dangling between his legs and his knees slightly bent forward. The meaning of the KOKO was never officially disclosed.

Banky caught doing the koko fist
Even Mr W gets it!

Whenever D’banj granted an interview, the word comes up, and he’s asked to explain, he’d shrug it off, saying the KOKO is the KOKO. In some theatrical instances, he’d ask Don Jazzy if he could divulge it, Don on the other hand rather than say a word, would whisper in D’banj’s ear (the duo always granted interviews together, aside from being D’banj’s producer, no one knew anything else about the enigma-that’s the branding) and D’banj who doubled as Don’s mouth piece would say the Don asked him not to disclose what the koko was.

she says she wanted to be mine that my koko drives her wild, tell me why me o

The scheme was simple enough, get the girls to love you and the world is yours (there you go; the KOKO master the man with a degree in WOMANOLOGY was born).

“I certainly don’t want to see in my daughter’s room a photo of an ugly pop star hanging on her wall. Good looks an essential part of good branding”- Don Jazzy <this is a real quote, just can’t remember where/when he said it>

Crème chics be swarming his videos and stage performances and like other artists with killer bod, with abs to go with, d’banj never misses a chance to show it off, I mean dude once performed on stage with just a white towel around his loin, shit cray!

So why now, why are people just waking up to his immorality? Why after building so much for himself and other people around him a music empire his he now being called out for the one sordid character that made him what he is? Maybe cos he’s over 34 years now (well into the child bearing age of Africans, still without a spouse) and expected to be more conservative as an African model- as he performed ‘on top of the world’ the theme for the 2013 AFCON, which makes him ‘culpable’ for his sleazy ways.

Ultimately, like one of his protégés said, ‘it’s a jonzing occupation’

Are you feeling the nigga?

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