I couldn’t agree more with the article- paradigm shift by No BS as per rap scene in the industry of ours (jesse jags thinks we delude ourselves to ever call what we have an industry) disagree?  feel free-that’s a discuss for another day. As for the shift, it’s clear to see that the consumers have woken up to the content they really wanted, the unprecedented followership of Nigerian music alone is enough indicator of who’s king in the game (not king as in King James or King Kong) I mean king as per who’s winning-as reminisce rightly said in his recent single, local rappers; awon fans ti  jara won, won ti bo pampers, a track that featured Olamide another Yoruba spitting ‘rapper’ and then there’s the ingenuity of phyno, yes its hard already to speak Igbo as a language, but doing 16bars in just plain Ibo(well some English words are always embedded, not avoidable if you understand that some words don’t have Igbo translation like Lice, I mean rice) I must add here that though Olamide sometimes have his stellar moments it’s not the case this time around. But he doesn’t have to cry on this account cos even the author of the track himself wasn’t at his best, very weak flows when you compare to a similar track in his Alaga Ibile album- Government which also featured Olamide.

BREAKING NEWS- the Video for Eau De Vile-Dance Go has just dropped while I wrote this piece. Madam Adetiba did yet another wonderful montage. I was expecting a normal dance club video with a lot of nudity, but was pleasantly surprised by the story based and dramatic rendering of wizzy and 2face with a sleeping beauty that got woken by a single drop the masterfully blended cognac. Oh! the power of Hennie


Back to the discussion at hand, yes! The paradigm shift. There would be no shift if there never was a status quo. The rappers mentioned in the article including Eedris Abdlkareem, Mode 9 etc provided a launch pad for all these new generation rappers and the new gen rappers in turn are obliged to forever pay homage to these ‘intelligentsia’.  What however makes me loose it, is the fact that these veterans be telling the new gen they aren’t doing hip hop right (please reserve this advice for Ice prince zamani), speaking of which, I read somewhere MI had something to say as per NoBs’ take on his bro’s mixtape the trash can. Well Mr Abaga, let’s call a spade a spade, or more suitable in this case, let’s call a dustbin a garbage bin or ‘ile le’ as Yorubas say, because calling that mixtape a ‘trash can’ is derogatory to ‘trash cans’ hope I haven’t lost you? Alright then enough of the ‘trashy’ banta. A twip twitted that Don Jazzy has proved my article wrong- ‘Don Jazzy and his huge mavin gamble’ saying that he has started reaping the benefits of his newly signed artists. Collectively, well I won’t argue that the don is winning, and I never said he couldn’t pull it off, I just pointed out to him that it would be arduous. Ok yes, they have hits dorobucci and ada obi, but individually, you can hardly call di’ja or korede bello or banks successful solo artists, yet. This my friend, was the point I tried to drive home with that article.^ See you later guys, till I write again. Meanwhile you could follow me on twitter @shiznnitz if you care to read my ramblings on the inexistent industry as Jesse Jags pointed out.


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