“Knocking on your door like ding ding dong” Vector takes his new single King Kong to the street, but nobody’s running for cover. Why? cos you’ll wanna dance! The beat is a medley of traditional African sound- the Udu, an instrument common and probably originating among the south eastern tribes of Nigeria, accompanied by staccato gong sound, with a flute to complete a nollywood flick soundtrack-esque.

After years of doing music the way he knows to do, with not as much commercial success as his counter-parts in the big record labels-Choc city(ice prince), Mavin(d’prince); He seems ready to commercialize ‘we tryna make money right? ka pawo die’.

There are punchlines to go on and on about, but the highlight of the song for me is his ingenuity on the color composition, creating a color themed chorus literally.

why you dey look me like cow head, chicago‘-(chicago bulls NBA team wear red and white uniform),

I dey generate power like mikano‘-(the white generator with a red insignia)

‘champion swagga omo na milan o’ (AC milan has a red and white away kit).

Whatever inspired this chorus  could be pointing at his affiliation to a fraternity, which he also mentioned in the song- the KK Mafia(Vikings), who have color codes as most gangs and fraternities and wear their tunics in red and white.

This may sound like a whole web of conspiracy, you know, sort of like the giants of renaissance art being affiliated to fraternities and leaving subtle clues in their creations. Well what do I know?

Watch here and listen yourself-